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We utilise the best surveillance investigators and equipment available today to get the results no one else can. Ask us how we can help you get the evidence.

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Our Agents

At Prime Investigations, we do not use surveillance investigators that are inexperienced with little time in the field. Each of our surveillance investigators has at least 5 years field experience. Over the past decade of operation, we have put together the very best team of agents for covert operations.


Our Equipment

We are continually advancing with the latest technology available, so we can provide the best surveillance service to our clients.  Our skills are in ground and aerial surveillance tactics. With the investment into high end drone equipment and on the ground agents, we can achieve what others can’t.


Our Training

Each of surveillance investigator has at least 5 years experience with some of agents having conducted Advanced Surveillance training. This training allows us to conduct team surveillance operations with optimal results. If you want a professional job then use professional people. 

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When you specialise in something you do it well. You know what is required to achieve the best possible outcome in each situation that is presented to you. Our surveillance investigations are handled with a focus on the details and how to best achieve the desired outcome. 

Each of surveillance investigators is government licensed and trained in surveillance techniques. We have been providing effective surveillance solutions to various clients such as insurance companies, solicitors, business and individuals for many years and our track records speaks for itself. 

We have been involved in many high profile surveillance investigations with great results and look forward to helping you with your requirements. 

Search for a surveillance investigators near you and contact any of our offices located in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide.

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aerial surveillance equipment

Ask us about our drone equipment with long range zoom capabilities

High quality surveillance Investigators

After being in the industry for such a long time, you do not survive if you do not provide an honest and professional service to your clients. We pride ourselves on these core values and continue to uphold these principles within our company. 

We provide honest consultations to our clients. They always know what is offered and possible with each investigation. There are no hidden surprises. We don’t have a complaints department, as we don’t need one.

We are a boutique agency with a focus on customising each surveillance investigation to suit our clients needs and budget. It’s not about turn over like most others, it’s about quality,  results and providing value. 

We remain motivated and passionate about our work. In this industry it is easy for investigators to lose interest. We look after our agents so they stay loyal to us and dedicated to their craft. We are respected by all agents.

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A good investigator knows the principles of investigation methods required to uncover the facts.

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Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game.
Blake Edwards

Who We Are

Our Mission

We are a boutique investigation company, operating for over a decade, dedicated to providing quality investigations to self insurers, insurance companies, businesses and private individuals. Our focus is to provide customised investigative strategies to our clients to maximum results and over deliver on their expectations. Our goal is to maintain high satisfaction for our clients and continue to explore and advance in what is possible with investigation techniques and resources.

Our Team

Over the past decade, we have acquired some of Australia’s best private investigators, all whom are specialised in their respective fields. Our team are dedicated and experienced in many types of investigating, making us one of the premier private investigation companies in Australia. We now operate with over 70 investigators positioned through most of Australia’s major cities and outer areas, enabling us to cater for any matter any place and any time.

What Our Clients Say

Our Locations

Prime Investigations are located in Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast and have reach with affiliated investigators in Adelaide and Perth. With over 70 investigators nationwide, we can assist you no matter what the location.

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