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Our infidelity investigators are experts in these matters. Our infidelity investigations  are discrete and professional. We can uncover the truth about their personal affairs. 

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how to catch a cheating partner?


identify the signs

It is possible to identify that infidelity is taking place. Although the signs are not a guarantee, generally your gut instincts know something is different. 

If you are seeing signs of infidelity and can’t trust your partner or spouse will be honest when confronted then its possible an infidelity investigation might help you know the truth and be able to make an informed decision on your own. 

If you suspect then call us first to discuss a plan. 


speak to us about strategy

An infidelity investigation is a sensitive matter and needs to be handled with care, empathy and discretion.

Our team have been conducting infidelity investigations for over a decade and know how to plan, giving us the best chance of knowing the truth. 

Our investigators are experienced in surveillance and discreet inquiries and can gather the evidence to either disprove your concerns or show that the partner has been unfaithful.


uncover the truth

Quite often people who have been cheated in the past find it hard to trust future partners. 

An infidelity investigation can not only prove an unfaithful partner, it can also reveal that nothing is wrong and it has only been your past coming back to haunt you.

We have had many cases with a positive outcome showing no signs of infidelity. We are always more pleased to be able to show this result. 

How we help you survive infidelity

The art of surveillance and covert operations requires a unique ability to blend into the environment and gather video intelligence of the subject’s movements, interactions with others, while remaining discreet.

Our infidelity investigations are conducted by professional infidelity investigators who know how a cheating partner will behave and when it is time to get in close and gather the evidence to prove infidelity. 

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our best infidelity investigators are trained in

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WE KNOW HOW A CHEATER WORKS. WE HAVE STRATEGIES THAT CAN BE USED IN OUR SURVEILLANCE OPERATIONS to give you the best chance of uncovering the truth. ask us how!
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A good investigator knows the principles of investigation methods required to uncover the facts.

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Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game.
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We are a boutique investigation company, operating for over a decade, dedicated to providing quality investigations to self insurers, insurance companies, businesses and private individuals. Our focus is to provide customised investigative strategies to our clients to maximum results and over deliver on their expectations. Our goal is to maintain high satisfaction for our clients and continue to explore and advance in what is possible with investigation techniques and resources.

Our Team

Over the past decade, we have acquired some of Australia’s best private investigators, all whom are specialised in their respective fields. Our team are dedicated and experienced in many types of investigating, making us one of the premier private investigation companies in Australia. We now operate with over 70 investigators positioned through most of Australia’s major cities and outer areas, enabling us to cater for any matter any place and any time.

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Prime Investigations are located in Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast and have reach with affiliated investigators in Adelaide and Perth. With over 70 investigators nationwide, we can assist you no matter what the location.

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