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Prime Investigations is affiliated with investigators in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. If you require assistance in either of these areas we can help.

Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth

Why Choose Prime Investigations


Honest Consultations

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with an honest consultation of investigation strategies and expectations. There are no hidden surprises. 

Generally, clients are not aware of what or how things happen in the world of private investigators, we provide a clear and accurate insight into what is possible and what is not. This is why we do not have a complaints department. 


Customised Solutions

We provide customised investigation strategies to each matter, depending on the clients objective, budget and information at hand. There is no one size fits all strategy when it comes to private investigations.

We listen to our clients requirements and design strategies, that in turn,  provide the best chance of gathering the right information that we can then report on. 


Dedicated Investigators

Motivation can be lost quite easily in this industry. Quite often the big investigations companies lose focus on what is important. It’s all about turnover and the client. What they forget is the client is best looked after when their own investigators are looked after. 

We work closely with our investigators by paying them well, helping them when needed and allowing them to use their skills when conducting an investigation. 

Private Investigators

melbourne, Adelaide, Perth

If you require private investigation work in Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth then we can help. We have been operating for over a decade and have built a network of the best investigators in the industry.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of work and customer service. Each of our investigators has been trained and qualified in their respective field. We do not use trainee investigators in any of our investigations. 

Our Clients

If you require surveillance to be conducted in Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth then we can help. Each of our surveillance agents has at least 5 years experience in the field. 

Highly professional investigations into insurance related matters. Experienced surveillance and factual investigators with knowledge of CTP, Personal Injury, Income Protection, WorkCover claims and more. 

If you are located in Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth and require a bug sweep service, speak with us quickly and do not alert anyone to your enquiry. We can either fly to your location or assign one of our bug sweep technicians in your area.

It can be difficult to know if your mobile device has been bugged. Our experts are trained in mobile spyware detection. If you suspect a breach, contact us for help. 

Forensic mobile phone data recovery is conducted by certified experts using the very best forensic software as used by government agencies. If you need to recover evidence or restore critical data the speak with one of our experts.

If you want to know more about a potential employee, business partner or lover, we can help. Our background searches target people within Australia and are conducted by investigators with experience in online intelligence gathering. We are heavily resourced and skilled in this area. Let us help you better understand who you’re dealing with. 

Our investigators are skilled when it comes to locating people of interest. Our experience in searching for people within Australia has given us an edge on the competition. Our investigators are highly effective in online intelligence, surveillance, and phone inquiries. This whole package of skill allows for a high success rate.

Our infidelity investigations in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are conducted by investigators who are experienced in these matters. Infidelity investigations require a specialised approach and strategy. Speak with us about how we can help.

If you require assistance with collecting evidence to support your family law matter, then speak with us about how we can help. Whether it be surveillance for a child custody matter or a family gambling addiction problem, our investigators can get the evidence you need.

We can help with professional process serving in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Our investigators are skilled in conducting field calls and making inquiries to locate the person of interest.

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A good investigator knows the principles of investigation methods required to uncover the facts.

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Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game.
Blake Edwards

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Prime Investigations are affiliated with private investigators in Melbourne,  Adelaide and Perth. Contact us for a consultation and we can assign someone to your matter. 

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