Hiring A Private Investigator May Help Give You Peace Of Mind During Coronavirus

Separated or divorced parents are navigating a new set of parenting challenges with the outbreak of coronavirus. In an attempt to stem the spread, government restrictions and border closures are making it more difficult for separated families, but what happens when one parent is concerned about the safety of their children while in their ex-partner’s care?

Family court cases are backed up. COVID-19 has seen a rise in domestic cases by 40%, as families navigate new financial pressures, additional stress, and the effects of social isolation. Coronavirus restrictions have added to the intricacies of some parenting orders which dictate the terms in which child custody or supervised contact with children is managed—especially where parents are in different states.

Closed borders and interstate restrictions can make it difficult for parents who are concerned their partners are not obeying the current guidelines to social distancing or adhering to pre-set parenting orders. Hiring the services of a private investigator for undercover surveillance may be an option to provide peace of mind.

If your lawyer is already building a case of supporting evidence for a pending family court case or arbitration, they may engage the services of a private investigator company to conduct surveillance to back up any allegations. In many child custody battles, it is a battle of wills—he said this, she said that, and nobody can agree on who’s in the right

 In desperation and heightened emotional states, parents can often be driven to revenge tactics and good old-fashioned game-playing. The case becomes more about winning custody than what’s best for the children. Therefore, well planned out surveillance may be necessary to sort facts from fiction.

Over the years, Prime Investigations has assisted many Australian families in collecting evidence of child neglect and abuse. Quite often until there is evidence, it can be difficult to get the relevant departments to act on your allegations of neglect, which can be very frustrating for the parent who is caring for their child, or children.

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In addition to following up on whether parents are adhering to parenting orders, Prime Investigations can be hired to investigate child maintenance and proof of income.

Child Maintenance investigations

Child support payments are usually based on a percentage of your income. At the beginning of this year a report conducted by Swinburne University found there was more than $1.54 billion in unpaid child support. That’s a lot of parents who are managing to find loopholes and dodge paying monies owed.

This is undoubtedly frustrating for the parent who always seems to be out of pocket for expenses, while the other half seems to always have new cars and plenty of money to splash around when they want too.

At Prime Investigators, we are able to customise surveillance solutions to gather evidence if a parent is hiding assets, receiving undeclared income, claimed to have lost their job due to the COVID-19, or is even just working for cash in hand. Whatever the crux of the issue, rest assured Prime Investigations will get to the bottom of it.

How long does it take to get supporting evidence for child maintenance?

Generally, we recommend a full week of surveillance including a Saturday, if we suspect the target has a weekend job. This allows us to determine an average of how many hours per week the parent is working and calculate an approximate income amount.

Whether you’re a lawyer requiring supporting evidence or a desperate mum or dad seeking peace of mind or proof your ex-partner is abiding by child custody agreements, contact Prime Investigations today for a confidential discussion.

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