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High level private investigators servicing Brisbane and outer Queensland with professional and reliable investigation services

Why choose prime investigations


Honest Consultations

We believe in providing our clients with honest investigative consults, there are no hidden surprises. Quite often people do not understand the world of private investigating and therefore need advice on what is possible and what is not. This in turn will protect all parties and ensure a positive outcome.


Customised Solutions

Each and every matter is different and requires a different approach in the methods of investigation. We listen and pay attention to detail and provide customised strategies to give the best possible chance of achieving the desired outcome. We listen to what our clients need and they shall receive. 


Dedicated Investigators

Quite often in the private investigation industry, investigators lose motivation as they are not treated with respect and dignity by some firms. This has an effect on the overall result of most cases. We look after our agents and encourage them to be their best and they remain dedicated to our firm.

Brisbane private investigators

Our Brisbane team of private investigators have been conducting discreet investigations for over a decade. Prime Investigations boast over 70 professional investigators Australia wide. We provide investigative services to insurers, businesses and individuals, who require well planned and professional inquiries to achieve their objective. 

Our private investigators are positioned in and around the Brisbane CBD and can also deploy to all other areas within Queensland within short notice.

We have experience conducting investigations in the corporate sector, insurance sector  and can handle all types of domestic matters. 

who are Our Clients

We have a professional team of surveillance agents in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We are ready to deploy an experienced agent whenever you need us. Our surveillance service is of a high level and discreet. All surveillance agents are licensed.

Team of experienced insurance investigators, handling various types of insurance-related claims from WorkCover, CTP, Public Liability, Fire & Theft and more. Highly experienced investigators in interviewing techniques, inquiries and statements. 

We have dedicated private investigators in Brisbane who are trained and certified in electronic counter-surveillance. If you suspect a breach then call us from a safe area. 

It can be difficult to know if your mobile device has been bugged. Our experts are trained in mobile spyware detection. If you suspect a breach, contact us for help. 

Forensic mobile phone data recovery is conducted by certified experts using the very best forensic software as used by government agencies. If you need to recover evidence or restore critical data the speak with one of our experts.

If you are looking to better understand an individual or business, then speak with us about our professional background checks. We provide background checks for pre-employment, identity checks and more.

Our Brisbane team of private investigators can assist you in people search by locating people for various needs. Whether it be to serve documents, locate a missing family member or for debt collection, we can help. Our resources are extensive.

Discreet infidelity investigations in Brisbane and all areas of Queensland. Our investigators are experienced in these types of matters and can collect the evidence you need. 

If you require assistance with a family law matter and need supporting evidence, we can help. Our investigators are trained in surveillance, interviews and all inquiries. 

If you require a professional process service then speak with us for help. We can locate and serve in Brisbane and outer regions, also at short notice. 

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A good investigator knows the principles of investigation methods required to uncover the facts.

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Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game.
Blake Edwards

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