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Do you know if your phone is bugged?

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Mobile phone devices are the most targeted piece of equipment when it comes to espionage today. Mobile devices carry more information about us than ever before, more than laptops and desktops. Statistics say hackers attack every 39 seconds, which on average, is 2,244 times a day and 56% of people don’t know what steps to take in the event of a data breach. The cases of security breaches for mobile devices are increasing every year , whether it be a corporate device or personal device, the affects can be disastrous.



call us from a safe phone

If you suspect a breach of your device, call us from a safe phone to discuss your options. Do you not discuss your problem with anyone else.


Create a timeline of events

Make notes on what your concerns are, why and for how long you have had them. Note whether you suspect anyone in particular.


have your device analysed

Depending on your location, we can conduct a mobile device forensic check at your location, or you can send your device to our office.

How to tell if your phone is bugged?

It can be difficult to know if your mobile device has been bugged. There are many factors at play here and it is only a guessing game unless the mobile device undergoes forensic evaluation. 

Some basic signs that the device is bugged could be a warm device, even though you haven’t been using it. Excess data usage might indicate your device has been breached, although monitoring data to know if it was excessive might be difficult. 

A private conversation you have had with another person on your mobile device is then leaked and or repeated elsewhere. Does someone else always know where you are? Although these might be signs, there are also other things to consider such as your home or car has a listening device or a GPS tracker. 



BUG DETECTOR - Mobile device forensic investigation

A mobile device forensic investigation involves one of our trained technicians connecting your device to our forensic equipment and software to extract all the devices data for analysis. 

Our software is updated regularly with information about known malware applications to help detect malicious code on your device. A forensic analysis can even go deeper than that. Apart from being alerted by our software about known malware, we may also need to look at all the devices activities surrounding the approximate time of the breach to help identify how it happened.

The malware breach may have happened via a text message or email sent to you. Maybe it was a DropBox link that was sent to you, or maybe it was a Zero Day Exploit, which is a weak point in the software from the manufacturer. Either way a forensic analysis can determine how the attack happened. That can then help identify maybe who the attacker was or where it came from.

Are you being tracked?

If you suspect your movements are being tracked, you might be right! Mobile devices are computers that are carried with you where ever you go. They are tracking devices, listening devices, communication devices and more. 

There are multiple ways to track a person, sometimes it is manned surveillance, other times it is a surveillance device. That device can be a GPS tracker on a vehicle or it could be your mobile device.

Prime Investigations can help with all types of counter surveillance investigations. Speak with a staff member to find out how we can help.

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Prime Investigations also have a domestic bug sweep service at spouse Spy Private Investigators servicing Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

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