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Prime Investigations has been providing high level private investigation services for over a decade to clients Australia wide. 

Why Choose Prime Investigations


Honest Consultations

We believe in providing our clients with honest investigative consults, there are no hidden surprises. Quite often people do not understand the world of private investigating and therefore need advice on what is possible and what is not. This in turn will protect all parties and ensure a positive outcome.


Customised Solutions

Each and every matter is different and requires a different approach in the methods of investigation. We listen and pay attention to detail and provide customised strategies to give the best possible chance of achieving the desired outcome. We listen to what our clients need and they shall receive. 


Dedicated Investigators

Quite often in the private investigation industry, investigators lose motivation as they are not treated with respect and dignity by some firms. This has an effect on the overall result of most cases. We look after our agents and encourage them to be their best and in turn we receive quality work and professionalism.

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With over a decade in the investigation industry, Prime Investigation now boasts over 70 private investigators throughout major cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and are affiliated with investigators in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Our reach also extends international to the united states where we have an alliance with ex FBI operated investigation firms. 

We provide customised investigation services  to insurance companies, self insurers, solicitors, businesses and private individuals across Australia. 

Each of our investigators in Australia are licensed and skilled in their respective fields. Our mission is to provide honest investigations with quality results that are valuable to our clients needs and their budgets. 


We have some of the best private surveillance investigators in Australia who are highly experienced. We use the latest in covert cameras along with drone surveillance equipment for difficult environments. We are trained in advanced surveillance methods, for both rural and urban environments.

Our insurance investigators are highly experienced in claim related matters. Surveillance, Factual Investigations, Witness Statements, Witness Locates. WorkCover, CTP, Personal Injury Claims, Fire & Theft related matters. We can conduct effective insurance investigations within Australia. 

Professional bug sweep detection services to individuals and businesses. We use formally trained experts when conducting security sweeps for bugs in residential and commercial environments. If you suspect a breach don’t wait and contact us for help. 

It can be difficult to know if your mobile device has been bugged. Our experts are trained in mobile spyware detection. If you suspect a breach, contact us for help. 

Forensic mobile phone data recovery is conducted by certified experts using the very best forensic software as used by government agencies. If you need to recover evidence or restore critical data the speak with one of our experts.

With expertise in online intelligence gathering, discreet phone inquiries and surveillance, we can help you better understand the people you are dealing with. 

Conducting successful people searches  for over a decade. Our team are highly effective when it comes to locating family members, debtors, witnesses and more. We are highly resourced and ready to help you.

Our domestic investigations into infidelity are highly effective. If you are seeking the truth and need evidence. Our infidelity investigators have years of experience getting the critical evidence you need.

If you require assistance collecting evidence for family a matter, contact us to see how we can help. We specialise in child custody surveillance, gambling addictions and other domestic-related matters.

We provide prompt and effective process serving solutions. Our investigators are trained in conducting inquiries in the field to locate debtors and persons of interest.

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A good investigator knows the principles of investigation methods required to uncover the facts.

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Nothing matters but the facts. Without them, the science of criminal investigation is nothing more than a guessing game.
Blake Edwards

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